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Anaheim Hills Shredding Services

Anaheim Hills Shredding Services

Anaheim Hills Shredding Services, Paper Shredding are Close by!

Residents and businesses in the Anaheim Hills shredding services area have a fantastic option available to meet all of their paper shredding needs.   Shred Connect, with its convenient locations has taken the hassle out of one of the most tedious, and most necessary, household and office tasks, making it as easy as picking up something from a deli or having food delivered.  No longer do people need to put off a task that’s neither fun nor profitable but rather is just a necessary evil of the modern world.  Instead, they can take their documents into our storefront, or have us pay them a visit, and be done with it quickly and easily.

Paper Shredding is for Everyone

Shred Connect offers customers two options for taking care of their shredding.  The first is our convenient locations, which offer customers the opportunity to bring in their documents on their schedule, and on the go.  This is perfect for families and individuals who have smaller shredding jobs.  Often people don’t want to buy a shredder for themselves.  The machines can be heavy and bulky, and can also get jammed, creating unnecessary hassles.  Rather than simply throwing documents in the garbage and hoping that their information does not get stolen, they can now drop by our storefront and watch the documents get destroyed before their eyes.  Those who are in a hurry don’t even have to wait.  If they want to leave their names and addresses, we’ll send them an official Certificate of Destruction, physical proof that their documents have been destroyed.

Shred Connect also offers mobile shredding services that are perfect for medium-sized and large businesses that have more substantial shredding needs.  Rather than having to transport large numbers of boxes to our shredding facility, they will be able to have us bring our shredding services to them.  Our mobile shredding units provide large scale document destruction in a fraction of the time that manual destruction would take.  What’s more is that it can be done right away, in front of the eyes of those most concerned about the security of proprietary information.  Once the documents have been destroyed, we provide a Certificate of Destruction, enabling clients to provide proof to clients, customers, venders, and partners that their information will not be compromised.

Why are shredding services to important? 

For individuals, there can be two reasons.  The first is financial.  Identity theft, which is still a relatively new crime, has become increasingly common.  With credit card information, loan applications, unsolicited mail offers, normal monthly bills, and other personal information being used to open accounts, gain credit, and run up huge accounts before the victim even knows what’s happening, it is more important than ever to destroy documents in an effort to prevent criminals from gaining access to this type of information.  It seems disgusting to most people, but going through trash can pay the unscrupulous individuals who do so quite handsomely.  Leaving documents intact with personal information just waiting to be found is a risk that nobody should take.

The second reason individuals should consider using our shredding services is for privacy.  Diaries, legal and medical documents, and other personal information left around the house opens up the possibility for children, friends, and relatives to come across it during their visits.  Once documents like these have outlived their use, leaving them sitting around could mean that a person will be embarrassed by them later.  In the worst case scenarios, those who find them could share them with others or even blackmail the individual keeping them around.  With so much to lose and nothing to gain, why would not people want to get rid of these documents securely?

Businesses in Anaheim Hills shredding services also have reasons to use our shredding services.  The most obvious among them is the potential for sensitive financial information to fall into the wrong hands.  Whether it is the business’s financials or their clients’ account details, this can be devastating.  In the case of it being the business’s accounts, incomplete reports or information that gets leaked earlier than planned can ruin a company’s chances for success.  Investors could get nervous based on a few data points taken out of context, and partial numbers, for example part-way through a quarterly report, could create an inaccurate image of how the company is doing.

Allowing the information of clients, vendors, or partners can prove equally dangerous.  Should their identity be stolen thanks to the business’s failure to employ paper shredding services, lawsuits and criminal charges could easily result.  A company could easily be put out of business, and some of its managers could even be put in prison, for a simple failure to properly dispose of sensitive information.

With so many risks involved with leaving documents sitting around, why not use Shred Connect’s paper shredding services in Anaheim Hills, CA?  We make paper shredding quick and hassle free, taking care of a tedious task that you might otherwise put off for no good reason.

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